Louis J. Boyd

Director, Fairborn Observatory

Research interests: the design, construction, and operation of robotic telescopes in support of automated astronomy, high-precision photometry

Geoffrey S. Burks

1998 - 2020

Research interests: RR Lyrae stars and the interstellar medium, pulsating variable stars, astronomy education, remote learning via streaming video courses

Francis C. Fekel

Research interests: spectroscopy of binary and multiple stars, chromospherically active stars, stellar distances, masses, and luminosities, rotational velocities, lithium abundances/ages of late-type stars, ultraviolet spectroscopy

Gregory W. Henry

Research interests: automated astronomy with robotic telescopes, high-precision photometry, luminosity and magnetic cycles in solar-type stars, the search for extrasolar planets, chromospherically active stars, pulsating variable stars

James Edward (Ted) Maxwell

Postdoc 2012 - 2017
Research interests: astronomical instrumentation, X-ray binaries, globular clusters, variable stars, extrasolar planets

Matthew W. Muterspaugh

2009 - 2019
Research interests: automated astronomy, automated high-resolution spectroscopy, extrasolar planets, stellar astrophysics, optical interferometry

Michael H. Williamson

Research interests: software and control system development for automated telescopes, data pipeline development for automated imaging and automated spectroscopy, the search for extrasolar planets

Michael R. Busby

Former Director, TSU Center of Excellence in Information Systems
1987 - 2014

Joel A. Eaton

1989 - 2009


Askari Ghasempour

Postdoc 2010 - 2013

Samira Rajabi

Postdoc 2010 - 2013