Time Series Analysis of V511 Lyrae Photometry

J. Lyytinen, P. Johansson, L. Jetsu, E. Esko, T. Hackman, D. S. Hall, G. W. Henry, S. Kontinen, P. Kononen, S. Maisala, A. Palviainen, and K. Ryynanen

A&A, 383, 197, 2002

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Johnson BV Photometric Data Sets from T3 APT (Table 2)

This data file contains the individual Johnson B and V differential magnitudes analyzed in this paper and given electronically (only) in Table 2 of the paper. The first column lists the subset number from Table 1 of the paper. The column 2 gives the heliocentric Julian Date and decimal (HJD - 2,400,000) for each observation. Columns 3 and 4 give the B and V differential magnitudes, respectively, in the sense variable minus comparison star. A "99.999" in column 3 or 4 indicates the observation had a large internal error and has been replaced with this dummy value. Sets 1 - 17 were all acquired with the T3 0.40m APT at Fairborn Observatory.

Table 2