Time Series Analysis of V815 Herculis Photometry Between 1984 and 1998

Jetsu, L., Hackman, T., Hall, D. S., Henry, G. W., Kokko, M., and You, J.

A&A, 362, 223, 2000

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Postscript reprint

Johnson B and V Photometric Data from the 0.25m and 0.40m APTs

This data file contains the individual Johnson B and V differential magnitudes analyzed in this paper and given electronically (only) in Table 1 of the paper. The first column lists the subset number from Table 2 of the paper. The column 2 gives the heliocentric Julian Date and decimal (HJD - 2,400,000) for each observation. Columns 3 and 4 give the B and V differential magnitudes, respectively, in the sense variable minus comparison star. A "99.999" in column 3 or 4 indicates the observation had a large internal error and has been replaced with this dummy value. Sets 1 - 22 were acquired with the Phoenix 0.25m APT. Sets 23 - 98 were acquired with the Vanderbilt/Tennessee State 0.40m APT.

Table 1