The N2K Consortium. II. A Transiting Hot Saturn Around HD 149026 With a Large Dense Core

Bun'ei Sato, Debra A. Fischer, Gregory W. Henry, et al.

ApJ, 633, 465, 2005

Artist's Concept by Lynette Cook

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Stromgren b & y Photometric Data Sets from the T8, T10, and T11 APTs

This is the electronic version of data Table 4 from the paper. It contains Stromgren (b+y)/2 differential magnitudes from the T8, T10, and T11 APTs in the sense variable minus comparison star for HD 149026. The first column gives the Heliocentric Julian Dates (HJD - 2,400,000) and decimal. The second column gives the differential magnitudes. Details are given in the paper.