The N2K Consortium. III. Short-Period Planets Orbiting HD 149143 and HD 109749

Fischer, D. A., Laughlin, G., Marcy, G. W., Butler, R. P., Vogt, S. S., Johnson, J. A., Henry, G. W., et al.

ApJ, 637, 1094, 2006

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Stromgren b & y Photometric Data Sets from the T12 APT

This is the electronic version of data Table 4 from the paper. It contains Stromgren (b+y)/2 differential magnitudes from the T12 APT in the sense variable minus comparison star for HD 149143. The first column gives the heliocentric Julian Dates (HJD - 2,400,000) and decimal. The second column gives the differential magnitudes. Details are given in the paper.