First Results from the Anglo-Australian Planet Search - A Brown Dwarf Candidate and a 51 Peg-like Planet

C. G. Tinney, R. Paul Butler, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Hugh R. A. Jones, Alan J. Penny, Steven S. Vogt, Kevin Apps, and Gregory W. Henry

ApJ, 551, 507, 2001

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Stromgren Delta (b+y)/2 Photometric Data Set from T8 APT

This data file contains the Stromgren delta (b+y)/2 differential magnitudes from the T8 APT in the sense variable minus comparison star. The first column gives the heliocentric Julian Date and decimal (HJD - 2,400,000). The second column gives the differential magnitudes.

Top: The Stromgren delta (b+y)/2 differential magnitudes for HD 179949 plotted against orbital phase of the companion. The predicted depth and duration of the transit light curve are shown schematically. The star has no light variation on the planetary period larger than about 0.001 mag. Bottom: Observations around the phase of predicted transit are replotted with an expanded scale on the abscissa. Transits deeper than about 0.001 mag are ruled out.