Photometric and Ca II H and K Spectroscopic Variations in Nearby Sun-like Stars with Planets. III.

Gregory W. Henry, Sallie L. Baliunas, Robert A. Donahue, Francis C. Fekel, and Willie Soon

ApJ, 531, 415, 2000

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Photometric Data Sets Summarized in Table 3

These eight data files contain the differential magnitudes summarized in Table 3 of the paper. The first column gives the heliocentric Julian Dates (HJD - 2,400,000) and decimal. The second column gives the differential magnitudes in the sense program star minus comparison star. All files except Gl 411 are in the Stromgren (b+y)/2 band. Gl 411 data are in the Johnson (B+V)/2 band.

Tau Boo

51 Peg

Upsilon And

Rho 1 Cnc

Rho CrB

70 Vir

47 UMa

Gl 411