Starspot Evolution, Differential Rotation, and Magnetic Cycles in the Chromospherically Active Binaries Lambda Andromedae, Sigma Geminorum, II Pegasi, and V711 Tauri

Gregory W. Henry, Joel A. Eaton, Jamesia Hamer, and Douglas S. Hall

ApJS, 97, 513, 1995

(ADS full paper)

Photometric Data Sets Summarized in Tables 1, 4, 7, and 10

These eight data files contain the Johnson BV differential magnitudes of Lambda And, Sigma Gem, II Peg, and V711 Tau summarized in Tables 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the paper in the sense variable minus comparison. The first column of each file gives the heliocentric Julian Dates (HJD - 2,450,000) and decimal. The second column gives the differential magnitudes.

Lambda And (V)

Lambda And (B)

Sigma Gem (V)

Sigma Gem (B)

II Peg (V)

II Peg (B)

V711 Tau (V)

V711 Tau (B)