T9 0.61 meter AIT

Observing Program

The T9 0.61m automatic imaging telescope (AIT) is currently under construction at Fairborn Observatory. The telescope will be used primarily for stellar imaging photometry and so will complement the APTs in its ability to measure fainter stars and star clusters. It will be used to make photometric observations of M dwarf planetary host candidate stars in search of transits of planets with earth-like (rocky) composition.


  • Ritchey-Chretien optics of sitall by Star Instruments
  • Primary OD 23.997 inches, edge thickness 3.05 inches, focal length 72 inches
  • Secondary OD 8.59 inches, edge thickness 1.5 inches
  • Effective focal ratio f/8.1
  • 12-point axial mirror supports on pneumatic cylinders
  • Center radial support
  • Focal plane radius of curvature 24.53 inches (concave toward primary)
  • Palomar-style horseshoe mount with micro-stepper motors and encoders on both axes
  • Disk and roller drive systems on both axes
  • Automated CCD camera with fused silica entrance window
  • XY filter stage with 16 2"x2" filter positions
  • XY guider assembly with integrating CCD camera and 3rd generation image intensifier
  • Camera, filters, and guider assemblies in sealed, environmentally controlled chamber
  • Initial CCD detector is a Loral 512x512 chip with 15 micron pixels
  • Upgraded CCD detector will be a 1024x1024 chip with 24 micron pixels with enhanced UV
  • Unvignetted field of view will be 17.3 arcminutes with 1.0 arcseconds per pixel
  • ATIS93 control system developed at Fairborn Observatory